Corbin, KY

21 December 2022

Written as post four of #100DaysToOffload.

I hail from eastern Kentucky. In high school, for parental reasons, I commuted the 300 or so miles of KY 80 between my hometown and Bowling Green every three weeks. The halfway point is near London, which is one of those small towns whose Wikipedia page is mostly autogenerated. If you turn south onto US 25, you’ll drive right through Corbin. I never did. I played quizbowl with some people from Corbin. One went to UChicago, the other Columbia, and after graduation we never spoke. That was as near as I ever got.

Every so often I check on people I used to follow, mostly at Seven’s request. This is how I found out that Trixie the Golden Witch lives in Corbin.

I don’t like digging, so I don’t care to try to figure out how that happened, but it makes me both worried and hopeful that there are trans women out there in the metaphorical backwoods.I get to call it that. I’m from there.

Anyway, as tribute I’m getting high, bumping Alexander Brandon, and watching SaltyBet tonight. I hope you’re doing well, Trixie. The mountains will treat you right. Remain your glorious self. If you find yourself up 75, Bourbon ’n Toulouse in Lexington has the best Cajun/Creole food I’ve ever had.